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DgZGame.Hack - Complete Series (2009)

something has gone horribly wrong 8-p
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Game.Hack is an internet gaming show featuring Robert "Zero" Drendall and Mark "Reddman" Redding. Our concentration isn't on game reviews, classic games, good games, or bad games. We're not trying to be the Angry Video Game Nerd. Instead, Game.Hack is focused on how it all works - The mechanics behind games and consoles both old and new, repair, hacking, modding, game glitches, history, oddities, errata, and all the stuff you don't find in the mainstream.

A new episode of the show is released every Friday afternoon! Sometimes! When we get around to it!

A large portion of our show is game and console preservation. Now that video gaming has developed from a nerdy curiosity to a significant element of modern life, we consider it incredibly important that older games and systems - even the less "classic" ones - survive to enable current and future gamers to experience the rich history behind the entertainment and art from we love.

We do, of course, feature universally accepted, popular, and "classic" games and systems but also wish to showcase more obscure and less recognizable pieces of gaming history as well. We will also dive into the nuts and bolts of how the games we love work under the hood, with an emphasis on finding and exploiting glitches and secrets that help expose the underlying structure of the game.

It is our sincere hope that our show will not only be useful and entertaining for the nerds in the audience, but also develop interest in the non-nerds and less hardcore gamers in the crowd who may have missed out on the more obscure games and systems in their own time.

Now in our second seasons, Game.Hack is still an experiment in progress. We're still finding our format, developing or focus, and sharpening our skills. Naturally, we hope you enjoy our show and have as much fun watching it as we do making it!


Game.Hack Episode 1

In our first episode, Reddman demonstrates disabling the NES lockout chip and some basic repair techniques. Also, a primer on the famous Mario 1 "minus world" glitch.

Game.Hack Episode 2

Reddman and Zero hack a pink LED into an oldschool NES. Also, a demonstration of the Super Metroid "mockball" glitch/technique, which can be used for sequence breaking in this classic title.

Game.Hack Episode 3

Zero takes the helm in dissecting the mother of all Japanese strategy RPG's: Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation 1. In this episode, glitches including the JP scroll glitch, invisibility glitch, and charge system glitches.

Game.Hack Episode 4

Youtube - Direct Download (MP4)

Taking on the important issue of repair and preservation, Zero demonstrates how to tear down, clean, and restore an original NES controller.

Game.Hack Episode 5

Because we like to pick on the original NES so much, this week Reddman takes apart a Zapper light gun with an overview on common points of failure. Then we dive into the nuts and bolts and explain how the light gun actually works.

Game.Hack Episode 6

Zero is back and it's all about repairing the power socket on a flea market find Playstation 2. Yes, finally, we're working on something other than an NES.

Game.Hack Episode 7

This week's episode is all about Sonic: The Sonic 2 reset glitch, accessing Sonic and Knuckles data in Sonic 3, and how the Soninc and Knuckles linkup works.

Game.Hack Episode 8

A bit of a marvel: A keychain the size of a matchbook that plays classic Atari games. Is it any good? Spoiler: No. Also, a bounding bug glitch on Castlevania: Symphony of the night that'll enable you to get rich quick!

Game.Hack Episode 9

An episode in four acts: By popular request, disassembling the Xbox 360 and fixing the infamous Red Ring Of Death problem! Due to the length of this episode, it is split into multiple parts.

Game.Hack Episode 10

What's black and ugly, has Sega written on it, and is the size of a surfboard? A Sega CD, of course. In this episode, some information about the Sega CD and details on how to fix a very common problem found in these consoles...

Game.Hack Episode 11

Super Mario Brothers revisited: Reddman delves into the most classic of classics, covering some background of the game we all know and love, some glitches, and speedrunning tips.

Game.Hack Episode 12

Wrapping up a successful first season of Game.Hack, Zero takes apart some bits of Final Fantasy 6. Or Final Fantasy 3. Or whatever the hell you want to call it. The one with the Espers!

Game.Hack S2 Episode 1

Ripping off Top Gear Opening season two with a two-parter we bring you a race: Who can win Mario 1 first?

This movie is part of the collection: Anarchivism

Producer: DgZ
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Keywords: IPTV; video games; hacking; independant

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Game.Hack.S01E02.mp4 297.5 KB 
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Game.Hack.S01E03.mp4 246.6 KB 
43.6 MB 
43.1 MB 
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Game.Hack.S01E04.mp4 283.1 KB 
47.4 MB 
45.9 MB 
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Game.Hack.S01E05.mp4 222.7 KB 
41.5 MB 
41.0 MB 
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Game.Hack.S01E06.mp4 227.5 KB 
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36.2 MB 
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Game.Hack.S01E07.mp4 297.6 KB 
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44.2 MB 
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Game.Hack.S01E08.mp4 270.0 KB 
47.0 MB 
46.3 MB 
6.2 KB 
Game.Hack.S01E09a.mp4 338.0 KB 
48.9 MB 
48.7 MB 
5.4 KB 
Game.Hack.S01E09b.mp4 326.0 KB 
46.7 MB 
46.3 MB 
7.1 KB 
Game.Hack.S01E09c.mp4 345.5 KB 
48.5 MB 
48.3 MB 
6.3 KB 
Game.Hack.S01E09d.mp4 185.6 KB 
28.3 MB 
28.2 MB 
5.5 KB 
Game.Hack.S01E10.mp4 334.4 KB 
48.9 MB 
47.3 MB 
4.3 KB 
Game.Hack.S01E11.mp4 183.0 KB 
36.1 MB 
35.5 MB 
6.5 KB 
Game.Hack.S01E12.mp4 308.5 KB 
47.5 MB 
49.3 MB 
7.6 KB 
Game.Hack.S02E01a.mp4 89.5 KB 
13.8 MB 
15.3 MB 
5.0 KB 
Game.Hack.S02E01b.mp4 199.2 KB 
36.9 MB 
39.7 MB 
3.2 KB 
Game.Hack.S02E02.mp4 329.9 KB 
44.7 MB 
47.4 MB 
5.6 KB 
Game.Hack.S02E03.mp4 302.7 KB 
50.1 MB 
48.2 MB 
4.3 KB 
Game.Hack.S02E04.mp4 405.9 KB 
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66.9 MB 
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Game.Hack_DS_Lite_Shoulder_Buttons.mp4 327.5 KB 
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51.2 MB 
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Game.Hack_Dreamcast_Refurb.mp4 429.2 KB 
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